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About the Beebe Chamber

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The purpose of the Beebe Chamber of Commerce shall be the advancement of the civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural interests of the city of Beebe, and the surrounding territory; and the stimulation of public sentiment to these ends; and the providing of such social features as will promote these purposes.

Learn about the Beebe Chamber of Commerce, your trusted partner in driving local economic growth and fostering a vibrant business community. Discover our mission, dedicated team, and the range of services we provide to support local businesses and entrepreneurs. From networking events to advocacy initiatives, we are committed to promoting collaboration, prosperity, and community development. Find out how we can help your business thrive in Beebe.


The Beebe Chamber of Commerce has been an integral part of the community for over 50 years, supporting and empowering small businesses and nonprofit organizations to thrive. In 2018, the Chamber embarked on an exciting new chapter by relocating to the historic Garrett building in downtown Beebe. This move symbolized not only a physical transformation but also a renewal of the Chamber's commitment to driving economic growth and fostering a vibrant business community in Beebe. Throughout its history, the Chamber has played a pivotal role in connecting businesses, promoting local initiatives, and advocating for the needs of its members. With its new home and continued dedication, the Beebe Chamber of Commerce is poised to shape the future of our community and continue its legacy of supporting business success.


We are strategic thinkers with bold ideas. We are catalysts for positive community change and push boundaries with creative solutions.


We are curious and open-minded. We are not afraid to bypass the easy and safe for a different but better way to serve our members and community.


We pay attention, and we participate in the hard conversations. We are intentional about including diverse voices, building relationships, and empowering others to play a role in creating the best community possible.  


We are solution-oriented and relentlessly optimistic. We work collectively as business leaders to solve the challenges facing our community.

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